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Wild & Divine Holistics Luxury Retreats:

Sacred Containers

Hello beautiful souls.

After nurturing the dream and holding space for the birth of my retreat containers during these past few years, I am beyond ecstatic to, in right time, bring these offerings to life. 

Zermatt is a very special place to me and although I have been thinking of all kinds of exotic beautiful places for the holding of my first retreat, Zermatt is the right place, a heart place in which my souls has rejoyced, found shelter, peace and expansion many times. So very naturally, it is where I am called to invite you for this sacred retreat marking the beginning of winter, a time to journey inward.


Zermatt, Switzerland
23 to 28 of November 2022



Winter is a time of both stillness and silence. Reminiscent of cold days and long nights, it invites us to retreat deep within the self to connect to the wisdom of our feminine essence. We will explore the shadows of our unconscious, and in that space, meet stillness, grace and clarity.


Alchemy refers to the transformation occurring from lead to gold but behind that very image, hides a deeper meaning: it serves as a symbol for the inner journey of transformation leading from contraction to expansion, unconscious to highly aware, from the depth of darkness towards the unextinguishable fire of self-knowledge.



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  • 5 days and 4 nights complete immersion at the exquisite five star Cervo Mountain Resort in Zermatt, Switzerland

  • 12 participants at the most (13 with me)

  • Specific new moon time frame from 23rd till 28th of November 2022

  • A time for slowing down: as we journey towards the end of the year and approach cold winter season here in Europe, days fall short and nights run long, offering us precious time for introspection and self-care

  • A space devoted to grounding: coming back to the self, coming back to the roots while communing with Nature and mountain spirit, finding stillness, clarity and vision 

  • Daily group transformational work with meditation, breathwork, Tantra and Yoga Nidra

  • Individual explorations and practices in the privacy and comfort of your own room + group talks and shares afterwards

  • Time hiking in the mountains for cleansing and integration

  • Daily selfcare rituals + New Moon sound healing Ceremony 

Single private room

Shared apartment (private room and shared bathroom)



I would like to thank you again for your listening, your words, your care and the smiling benevolence that we guess under your mask.

Thank you for teaching me to breathe.

Thank you for taking care of my body.

Thank you for taking care of my psyche.

I found during this marvelous session of tantra, many more beautiful things than this sterile male frustration. You allowed me to speak, to cry, to express my fears, my doubts, my emotions, not only without judgment, but with a touching empathy. It was perhaps easier for me to express my disappointment at not having felt like a man, when you helped me to be a man...with its strengths, its weaknesses, and its part of femininity without which we would only be bestiality.

Thanks to you. Infinitely. Eternally.


Eleonore guides us in an enlightened way to find inner peace. In a setting close to nature, she performs treatments with perfect mastery. Her gentleness and listening allow us to refocus on ourselves. I highly recommend Eleonore for her great humanity and her professionalism.



Highly recommended place for those looking for Tantra as a meditation, as a way to deeply connect with oneself!


Eleanor is the most authentic encounter with the true tradition of tantra I have experience in Europe. She is a trustworthy, honest, and integrous therapist who creates a space of ritual, magic and holding which is rival to none. This is not seedy erotic bodywork - it is transformative tantra at its finest and if you aren't ready to have a piercing experience of your own energetic self I wouldn't suggest this work for you. If however you are ready to delve into a magic ritual and deep feminine energy on a whole other level - Elle is a perfect start and end point. ✨ Her experience is consistently tangible and the experience is luxury. 🌙

Eva Louise Williams,

founder of Golden Lotus

Such a massage is not nothing, and I want to testify here that I knew how to appreciate this moment out of time, and why.

First of all, thank you for your smile, and your obvious kindness.

In this bucolic, sunny setting, we were certainly not far from the Garden of Eden!

The massage was very gentle, and very deep, and I understood, I think, the spirit of Tantrism that I aspire to make my own. A manifest slowness, a return to a serenity lost in our crazy modern lives. I imagine it has to be done step by step. Anyway, time does not respect what is done without it, as said dear Paul Morand.

So a big thank you Eléonore, for your gentleness, but also the firmness of your voice, quite hieratic and hypnotic, I confess.

Good for you.


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