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  • Do you offer tantric massages or other massages?

I propose within the framework of the ceremonies of Tantra Warrior Sage (tab Tantra of Men) and Goddess Mother (tab Tantra of the Goddesses) , a care appealing to the energetic and conscious touch specific to tantric massage.


I do not offer so-called tantric massage outside of this ceremonial space in which I introduce you to breathwork, to body and self awareness through the inner journey or Yoga Nidra, to the awakening of your energetic and spiritual awareness. Ceremonies are sacred and precious time spaces that last on average between 3 and 4h30, for this it is necessary to plan half a day for your session in order to avoid any time constraints or stress.

Otherwise I offer a holistic massage lasting 1 hour that you will find on the Energy Care page.

  • Do you offer finishes?

No. Moreover there  does not exist "finishing" in the  tantric massage. This is a creative term from the world of prostitution.  If this is your search, you are not in the right place and we wish you good luck.

  • Do you offer support for people experiencing sexual problems for various reasons such as difficulty taking pleasure, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, little or no erection, addiction to pornography, etc.?

I propose on the one hand the Tantra sessions which consist of :

- a consultation time,

- a practice time with exercises to learn how to reconnect with oneself

- a deep energy treatment

I also offer support in the form of consultations with Counseling in Conscious Sexuality and mentoring formulas over 3 months or 6 months .

  • I can't find your phone number, how do I book?

You will find on the Tantra, Consultations and Treatments pages, an appointment request form.

The form is always at the bottom of the page. Once the form has been submitted, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Please note that half-completed forms or half-answered forms will not be considered. If you wish to arrange a phone call before setting an appointment, please specify it in your form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Regarding the reservation deadlines, it is imperative to reserve at the latest, the day before for the next day if we have space. It is best to do it a few days beforehand or even a few weeks if your availability is limited. 

Regarding Paris, there is a lot of demand and few places. If you wish to be regularly informed of the dates of passage by email, we invite you to communicate your information to us by email or via the form.

For Tantra sessions , given the duration and preparations necessary for them, you will be asked to pay a deposit in order to finalize your reservation. The amount of this deposit is 100 euros for sessions taking place in Paris and 50 euros for the provinces.

  • Is it possible to pay in several installments?

Our Tantra sessions are true spiritual ceremonies lasting several hours and during which, in a beautiful and warm space, you are invited to explore your inner world. Because we want to offer timeless and unique moments in the best possible conditions and because we offer you all our know-how, listening and kindness, Tantra Wild & Divine Holistics sessions have a certain cost. They are a gift that we offer ourselves in conscience. For this reason, if you want to start regular work, we offer you the possibility of paying in installments (not available for a first appointment). 

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