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  and holistic therapies

"Tantra is an art, a science, a spiritual path

and a way of life.


It is a path of transformation whose roots go back

to shamanic traditions and the origins of yoga."

Tantra, the care

(or tantric massage)

Tantra is a Yoga .


The Tantra treatment offered as part of the Tantra Warrior Sage (see Tantra tab for  Men) and Mother Goddess (see Tantra Goddesses tab) ceremonies is an energy treatment with massage that is both very gentle and very deep.


It is built over different energetic touches, movement times and pause times of my hands, punctuated by deep and conscious breathing. During this treatment, an imperceptible dialogue is established: this dialogue does not concern the mind but the body, the heart and the soul.


The massage or conscious touch is part of a ceremonial space time shared between breathing, meditation,  and awakening to body awareness punctuated by a crystalline bath (Plato's solids and crystal bowl) and the use of other vibrational tools including my voice with which I guide you into the deeper realms of your Being. For people entering an altered state of consciousness more easily (it comes with practice and time), the journey may lead me to invite you into the spheres of Yoga Nidra, this state in which the body deeply regenerates itself. regulating the nervous system.


Tantra is a vast field that is not limited to tantric massage, a Western invention of our time. It is thanks to fluid and deep breathing and in a meditative state that this work allows your body and mind to cleanse itself. and regenerate. 


Tantra, like a martial art or any other yoga, is practiced and it is the regularity in this practice which, step by step, brings change.

We offer tantra sessions according to your level of knowledge of the practice but also according to the relationship you have with yourself and with your own body. To start we recommend sessions I or II depending on your own story.


The Tantra massage treatment also helps to become aware of what   "Being" really means, as well as the energetic world that surrounds us and inhabits us although it is invisible to our eyes.

The sensations are often reminiscent of those encountered during yogic, meditative and martial arts practices.

Each person is unique and for this reason each ceremony is too.

Your story and your body will define the flow of the session. If you have a painful history, physical, psychic or emotional wounds, I invite you to let me know. The body translates the unspoken and the secrets.

The body is Nature.

All Being comes into the world naked, before which we are all equal, we have a body. 

Accepting your nudity allows you to reclaim your body and gain self-confidence. Nudity is an integral part of tantric work because it allows us to remember that the body is above all a body, a vessel for our soul. It is the living vehicle allowing us to breathe, walk, dance, sing, love. To create and procreate. The human body should not be a taboo and even less reduced to a sexual object. Know that you will not be subject to  any   judgment on my part concerning your bodily envelope. I do not see the form but the essence.

In a world where the human body has become an image of commerce and a subject of bargaining, it seems to me essential to relearn how to value the body for all its richness, which it implies in its sacred but also worldly dimension, and not as a banal merchandise or a sexual object as too often conveyed through pornography, fashion and unfortunately in the collective unconscious.

Sessions II and III are received naked covered with a sheet and possibly a blanket if it is cold. During session I it is quite possible to keep your underwear on if it makes you feel more comfortable and less vulnerable. Feeling comfortable and confident is an essential step in the work done during the sessions.

My place during the sessions is that of guide and companion. I make myself as discreet as possible in order to leave you the necessary space to turn entirely towards yourself. After having worked for many years in the nudity because it is in this way that Tantra was transmitted to me for the guru who accompanied me, I made the choice to remain  dressed during Tantra sessions because, in the majority of cases,   I do not find that the nudity of the practitioner is relevant unless there is long-term follow-up and an advanced interest in tantric practices. In this case, it is with pleasure that I continue transmissions, teaching and energy work in the first finery of being, the skin.


This is not Tantra.

Many people, often unprofessional and ignorant of Tantra, offer a so-called tantric and naturist massage, that is to say in the nudity for recipient and practitioner and possibly with "finishing", a creative term not to say with masturbation. Indeed a masturbation is an act of prostitution and an erotic masseuse is a sex worker although many prefer to hide their face, whether among the "erotic masseuses" like the clients who reassure themselves by saying that they do not see not a prostitute but a masseuse. The result of such a lie is a dirty profession because many masseuses but also professional masseurs suffer terribly from being assimilated to a profession that is not theirs as well as from being regularly approached as sex workers. Unfortunately, the same is true for Tantra practitioners.

A fraction of practitioners offer a real tantric massage and very few offer a serious tantric massage in the nudity although this is quite possible (see list of practitioners on the website of the Tantric Massage Association, some work in the nudity and this in a cadre  serious and not sexually connoted ).


Receiving a healing treatment or a Tantra teaching with a practitioner and practicing Tantra as a couple in your private life are two different things that should not be confused. The Tantra sessions offered are an opportunity for you to "receive" care and teachings, to be accompanied and guided whether through   practical exercises, deep Yoga Nidra meditation or energy work on the body in order to discover in yourself the keys that will allow you to move forward and flourish. It is in no way an exchange of touch, massage or other inventions often from erotic massage parlors and prostitution.

Click on the link to consult the Professional Ethics Charter
of the Tantric Massage Association 


Please note that the displayed session durations are  approximate. Tantra sessions are long, sometimes exceeding the displayed duration by more than an hour if necessary. For this reason, I invite you to plan half a day for your session in order to pas  be   subject to time constraints.

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  I invite you to fill out the form below, telling me if you would like an appointment in Paris or in Pays de Loire and specifying the dates and times_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ auxquels  vous  êtes  disponibles ainsi que le nom de la session de votre  intérêt. The different Tantra sessions are listed under the Goddess Tantra and Men's Tantra tabs. By clicking on "learn more" you can access the content of each session.

Please take the time to answer all the questions if you want me to answer you quickly. Furthermore, incomplete forms will not be considered.

After agreeing on an appointment, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 50 euros or to pay the full amount of your session if you wish to pay by credit card via the link  PayPal above , this in order to reserve your session.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for what you sent !

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