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  The Birth

“From chaos a star is born.” –Charlie Chaplin 

In February 2019, in a moment of great stillness and blissful silence in the mountains, during a meditation, a name occurred to me.




There was no doubt that this was the name that would henceforth bear this web that   I weave day by day and which is shaped by my energy and my love._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Le Clos de Louve, my former practice and Parisian Tantra studio had grown and transformed. Under the new name of Wild & Divine Holistics, I gave birth to the sum of many projects that I had cherished for years, the sum of dreams and stubbornness, the sum of my personal and professional experience applied to self-knowledge, education, healing and expansion in Love, this creative force.

The intention

Through Wild & Divine Holistics, we bring the possibility to those who feel the need, to navigate the sometimes troubled waters of what composes and animates them to find the way to their true self._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In a world where many men and women forget that some things cannot be bought, that the envelope does not necessarily reflect the contents and where integrity and openness of heart are rare, it can be It may be difficult to navigate the many false roads displaying the words well-being, healing, coaching or even Tantra that we see appearing more and more often, chanted like marketing concepts.


Wild & Divine Holistics is a space with a sacred dimension. 


Nestled between the trees, the Angevin practice and studio of Wild & Divine Holistics is located in a small stone outbuilding dating from the 18th century, completely renovated and equipped with a bathroom. 

In Paris, I receive you in the 16th arrondissement in a very beautiful space very close to the Eiffel Tower with a bathroom as well.


But wherever I receive you, it is essential for me to work in a clean, beautiful and pleasant place, conducive to an energetic, emotional and spiritual practice. 

The firm is a place of listening, non-judgment, honesty and security. A bubble of protection.

Each of my intentions is generous and benevolent, respectful of everyone and the planet.


During ceremonies, treatments, consultations and teachings, I make sure to create a calm, gentle and warm atmosphere. Conscious touch in tantric practice is a good and respectful energetic touch that honors the one who receives it and highlights the sacred dimension that each of us carries in our body and mind.

The products used are always natural and of first quality, organic for the most part. I choose them for their recognized virtues for the body and the spirit as well as according to the ethics to which the brand or the manufacturer responds. 

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Recently settled in the Pays de la Loire in Anjou, I am a woman who likes to contemplate the magic of a sunrise in the morning, to get drunk with the spectacle offered  par la lune et les étoiles la night and learn by observing flowers and trees. The dance of the birds, the anchorage of the cat, the strength and vulnerability of the horse. Learning by observing and listening, with all my being, with all my being. 

After living my life in different countries, I returned to France a few years ago. Trilingual, graduate in interior architecture,   I am also an artistic director and like to create again and again harmonious spaces, artistic visuals, some websites including this one for example. I have had several lives, several professions and each step has allowed me to get here, on this path filled with surprises, rebounds, chaos and creation.

My name is Eléonore Alexandrakis. Healer, tantrika, therapist, coach. These are just labels. My job is not a job but a way of life. France loves diplomas, certificates, pieces of paper heavy with promises. Those of addressing a trained (or formatted?) person. Formerly there was a master and a student and once there was the sacred link of the transmission of precious knowledge from one being to another. It is this transmission, so rare today, that fascinates me. Whether oral, energetic or tactile. Through guided meditation, breathing, touch, I accompany those who place their trust in me. Love, this inexhaustible source of energy is the true master. When one loves then the ramparts collapse. To love each other. Know and love yourself without shame and without taboos. Without fear and without reproach. Then everything becomes possible.

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