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Reiki treatment

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "universal energy".

Reiki treatment is an energy treatment in which the person receiving the treatment lies under a blanket, first on their back and then on their stomach. The hands of the practitioner rest  very   delicately on the various energy centers of the recipient's body for several minutes each time. This treatment requires no effort or participation on the part of the person receiving it and often invites you to enter a state of gentle drowsiness. It is simply a matter of receiving the Chi, this universal energy force that exists in everything and everything around us.

The virtues of Reiki have been officially recognized by science for several years now and Reiki treatments are commonly used on hospital patients. However, Reiki treatment is not a magic trick that miraculously heals. Knowing how to receive, being ready to receive as well as the seriousness with which one decides to plunge into oneself to heal one's whole being are key factors. The Reiki treatment is a treatment that will have more impact if the sessions are regular rather than punctual.

During a treatment it is common not to feel anything at all and this is normal. Awareness of the energy sphere is something that develops over time and through practice. However, you do not need to feel the energy to receive its benefits and not "feeling" the treatment in progress is no problem.


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