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In all truth, what is a Tantric Massage ?

Dernière mise à jour : 17 mars 2020

What is tantric massage?

The real 🌞 TANTRIC MASSAGE 🌙 is a holistic treatment, that is to say a treatment that involves all aspects of a being. The physical aspect, the energetic aspect but also the emotional and spiritual aspects.

Holistic comes from the Greek word ὅλος holos "all, whole, entire"

The art and mastery of breath as well as meditation are precious keys when it comes to opening the doors to the inner realm of self.

It is called massage but in reality it implies a deep inner work on oneself on the part of both donor and recipient. To be able to offer this care implies that the person practicing the care has followed a healing path of his own and is "in service" of Universal Energy. Without this, it will simply be a choreography of gestures learned and reproduced at best or else a so-called tantric massage performed by a person who does not understand what Tantra is and who perhaps misunderstands tantric massage for masturbation and possibly prostitution.

The erotic massages commonly offered and portrayed as tantric are not tantric massages and it can be rather difficult for a novice person to tell the difference because many people use the name Tantra or tantric unconsciously. For this reason, I advise you to take the time to ask several questions to the person offering the treatment before you commit.

Sample questions:
- What is Tantra and what can it offer me?
- What is the difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage?
- What are your skills as a tantrika / dakini?

Who offers the healing is to me more important that what kind of healing you choose. The person you choose has to be someone you feel safe and confident with because Tantra will strip you naked, open and exposed in all your vulnerability and truth.

The spiritual practice known as TANTRA originated in India around 5000 years ago. A healing path towards the awakening and expansion of consciousness, Tantra is a very wide universe, a science but also a religion for some. Today it is practiced all over the world by women, men and couples aspiring to reconnect to their most precious belonging, their body, in order to discover the full potential of their sexual energy but also to walk towards spiritual awakening, knowledge of Being, Love. Union and Unity.

Tantra paradoxically often suffers a bad reputation today because many people usurp its name to affiliate it with erotic practices, sensual massages and prostitution. Education around Tantra, although on the rise, remains quite poor because the transmission of this ancestral and sacred practice was restricted to a small number of mystics. Neo-Tantra has however arrived in the West since the 60s / 70s. Today it is with the generalized current of practices such as yoga and meditation that Tantra awakens attention and intrigues.

Tantric massage or tantric touch is one of the healing rituals stemming from the thousand-year-old practice of Tantra.

A tantric massage is not tantric sex. Tantric sex is practiced as a couple when there is love between two people. It is part of the intimate life of those who choose to live Tantra and requires a lot of love but also of practice and work on oneself. I will write about rituals of sacred sexuality in another article.

A tantric massage is not erotic because it does not aim to excite and seduce but rather to heal and awaken the magic of the body. However practiced in the intimacy of the couple it can of course become erotic.

During a tantric massage, the practitioner comes into contact with the vital energy of the person receiving the treatment, the kundalini also known as chi in Chinese tradition. The kundalini is the sexual energy present in each and everyone. The role of the practitioner (tantrika or dakini) during this treatment is to guide the woman or man receiving the healing towards a return to their original identity, that which is not the victim of societal conditioning or fears but, on the contrary, vibrates with the simple happiness of being and loving..

Tantric massage is therefore a journey of introspection during which the recipient gradually learns and allows himself to dive a little deeper into himself, to let go by relying on the care of the person who guides him. For that one. a bond of trust must be established because who would want to entrust body and soul to someone who does not inspire confidence in him?

Finally it is an inner journey specific to each soul and the discovery of aspects often unknown to oneself.

To receive a tantric massage is to enter into an intimate ritual of healing your feminine and masculine, yin and yang. To become whole again.

Photo @allbodieshealth (Instagram)

Written by Eleonore Alexandrakis

Founder of Wild & Divine Holistics

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