🔥🌜Birthing is a rite of passage from maiden to mother🌛🔥

✨Birth is a legacy passed down from woman to woman.✨

There are secrets and mysteries known to women only: wom(b)men. Humans with a womb.

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Women have been gathering together to share the secrets and wisdom of the Feminine since the beginnings. In traditions such as the Red Tent women would gather during their moon time or blood time to support each other and talk about moon blood, sex magic, plant medicines, sisterhood, motherhood and all aspects of Life. It was also a way to initiate and educate younger women into the mysteries of womanhood.

Nowdays women are rising again across the globe the reawaken the magic of the Feminine energy, the Divine Feminine, creator and mother to all. The energy of Earth itself. Have you given a thought on why now? Look at the pattern, the link in between ecology and Feminine energy.

Women by nature are more closely linked to the natural rhythms of Earth than men. The womb and blood cycle align with the cycle of the moon and is capable of growing Life within.

From womb to Earth, woman is the portal of Life.

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As a woman in her mid 30s I’ve heard too many stories of women who had a terrible experience giving birth.

Birth is a rite of passage from maiden to motherhood.

It should be celebrated and women should be empowered when giving birth. As most rites of passage and respect for our human nature it got lost with the ascension of industrialization and productivity. The further we got away from Nature´s balance and rythm, the further we got away from ourselves, from our humanity and our connection to the wonders of Nature. And this applies to the way women are accompanied into the miracle of birth too. Birth is the welcoming of the future generations onto Earth, it is the very creation of humanity´s future.

Of course Science is wonderful and has brought us so far, saving so many lives. But giving birth is not a science experiment. It should not be cold and mechanical, on the contrary.

Telling authentic and raw birth stories is a way to spread knowledge and awaken consciousness regarding birth. Women and men have the right to know what is truly happening during birth time. Physically, energetically and spiritually.

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So here I leave you to Sally, Mitch and Azure´s story written by the ever amazing and beautiful Sally Mustang, mamma to Azure:

Azure's Birth Story

Sally Botham 20 March 2020

« To everyone who's path I have crossed over the past 10months – Thankyou.

Your questions, well wishes, energy, blessings, prayers, beliefs in me have all carried me to Birth our new Angel Azure Sitara Mustang Safely and naturally into our arms. I know that every one of you has had great purpose in my process from maiden to mother and again I thank you for the love, the teachings, the conversations, the messages and the lessons that you have carried through to me in this transition.

By telling our birth stories to each other we can change the reality of Birth. As a western culture, we are taught to fear birth. To believe it is a medical procedure – instead of a natural and highly spiritual initiation.

I am sharing mine to help heal the collective beliefs around birth, to help the next generation, and to empower other women to claim back one of the most powerful experiences of one's life.

I will begin by mentioning that the day after Birth I dropped to my knees, thanking the Earth, our mother. Offering my deepest gratitude for carrying me over the threshold. To the generations of women who have birthed before me – I see you. I hear you, I honour your unwavering strength.

This is our story…

To Azure, our Sun, this is the story of how you were born. 

This is a very real, vulnerable piece of writing, and this is the beginning of how I want to share with you always – REAL and TRUE.

You were conceived Early May 2019, the morning after your dad and I were married. You chose to come through in a field of love so strong! Your dad and I had just united in all ways we knew possible, and we were making love in the outdoor shower, in the jungle by the pixie cottage. Afterwards I felt a star go through me and your Dad and I smiled at each other locking eyes and laughing saying maybe we just made a baby with our love. You see the element water was even present at the very beginning. 2019 seen big shifts on our planet. During the 42 weeks, you were with me, we've seen the planet behave and manipulated in ways we had never witnessed before. Bushfires, droughts, floods, ice melts, you name it. The entire planet was changing, An awakening beginning. Azure I truly believe you have come to us, as a soul with deep purpose. You, among others that we will meet, are here to help shift our ways of living and connecting. To help heal the collective so we can live in harmony with our Earth. I knew as soon as I held you that your language was pure love. Carrying you for 42 weeks was a huge journey for me personally. I changed so much. Softened where I was sharp. I meditated daily as my movement practices slowed right down. We had the hottest Aussie summer to date which resulted in more swims in rivers and the sea than I can count. We travelled to Bali twice and to a tiny island off Thailand called Koh Tao. We spent A LOT of our time in nature, as that is what felt best. I spent weeks in bed with a bad case of salmonella food poisoning and we got evacuated twice from our home. Once for bush fires, once for floods. Your papa and I enjoyed our mini honeymoon whilst you were in my belly, and we got in a few sneaky visits to the little promised lands in Bellingen. We nested a lot – your papa in particular and enjoyed getting the